The Beijing Olympics Live Broadcasts through Etegami

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The combination of etegami and news articles
    will make the Beijing Olympics be colorful ones.

 Before and during the Beijing games, we will introduce the Etegami works from you all that capture athletes and their competitions by your own angle of view and your special method of expression. They will be exhibited together with news articles.  Wouldn't you share your emotions or the feelings of being at a live performance when you watch TV or read newspapers?
 Prior to the games, we ask for Etegami works about Olympic news and supportive messages to the Beijing Olympics; during the games, we look for live broadcast Etegami works that describe the competitions and players.
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The Beijing Olympic GamesWe will introduce each 302 items in 28 sports, especially some impressive scenes. Please enjoy!   ( S tart from August 8, 2008)

Artistic Gymnastics Rhythmic Gymnastics Archery


soccer Softball tennis