Under the purpose of “joining in the Beijing Olympics with etegami”, a Beijing Olympic Etegami Exhibition will be held here to display the etegami works which are collected from August, 2007. Up to now, we have received 23,463 etegami works. They are the cheering yells to the athletes, the gold medals for the authors themselves, the dreams which are as important as the Olympics, the future goals of the authors' and the memories of the Olympics. Those etegami works from foreign countries, including Japan, will be on show in China National Library in Beijing.
Not only for the athletes and people who is related to the Games, but also for the tourist from all over the world, we will try our best to blaze abroad the messages from the etegami works.
We hope the warmth and the messages in “One World One Dream” etegami works will connect the world.

Here are the etegami works of “Let's join in the Beijing Olympics with etegami” that we received from August 1, 2007 to February 15, 2008. They contain the supporting messages to the athletes , large dreams of kids and…   Please enjoy these inspiring etegami works!